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Specials/Upcoming Events

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Specials may not be combined.

Massage Special:
Buy $40 from my Etsy shop and receive a 30 minute massage FREE.

Reiki Special:
1/2 hour long distance healing session for $25 (really good for pets or persons in hospitals or unable to drive)

 New Client Special:
If you have never been to Balanced Body and would like to try it, I am offering a special for new clients only.  Pay $165 for 3 hours of massage (can only be used for 1 hour sessions - must be used in 3 months. At the end of 3 months monies leftover can be applied toward regular price of massage, that never expires)*  

*rate good Mon-Thurs normal business hours

Previous Client Special:
If you are a previous client, have not been in for 6 months or more and would like to get back into receiving regular monthly massages, pay for 6 upfront and get the 7th FREE ($408)* 

must be used monthly (no more than 30 days between appointments) to take advantage of this special 

5 Element Personality Test
Take the 5 Element Personality test to discover what element you are strongest in, how it effects you, and what element you need in your environment to counter balance you.

5 Element Personality Test Plus Consultation
For an additional $9 add a 15 minute consultation to process your findings and get concrete answers to what colors/shapes/items/elements will benefit you most.  ($36)