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Overwork is perhaps the most common form of contemporary violence.  Yet it is, fortunately, something we can control.  By creating a space in our lives for silence, we allow the roots of inner wisdom from which the guidance to act flows, and nurture our ability to help others.  We hope that visitors to our gardens will take a bit of time to cultivate silence and spiritual optimism, practice gratitude, and create opportunities for connections.

winter scene with garden art
About Garden Himlen:
Swedish for Garden Heaven
The 1.7 acre gardens are constantly changing and growing as each year we work to add unique plants and create interesting designs and textures.  
Garden Himlen is a new private garden site offering a variety of choices for outdoor events amid colorful, fragrant perennials and beautiful foliage.  It is the perfect place to celebrate a simple but elegant wedding, gather for end of life celebrations, photo opportunities, anniversaries, walk the 12 step meditation path or any special occasion.
 Currently, the gardens are open to the public by appointment only. Fees apply for private events.  Please call for prices. 
Located just 45 minutes from the Twin Cities in the quaint Scandinavian town of Lindstrom.

Garden Himlen is dedicated to preserving our environment and using only green and earth sustainable products in every aspect of maintaining the beautiful perennial gardens.

Kirk & LaRae Fjellman,  owners

Garden Himlen
28225 Nathan Lane
Lindstrom, MN  55045

Certified Wildlife Habitat  (by