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"I have been going to LaRae for therapeutic massage for the past 15 years.  I go once a month.  The deep muscle massage keeps my muscles tuned up so there is less chance of injury with all of the heavy lifting I do at my job.  It has also been helping my spastic bladder/incontinence issues.  Thank you LaRae for all the good treatments.  I don't know where I'd be without you."

R.E. Food Service Professional/Auctioneer/Housewife  Webster, WI  2014

"LaRae has magic in her fingers.  She is awesome!  She has helped me tremendously with multiple problems - sciatica, shoulder problem, neck issues." 
A.H. Retired NP  Andover, MN  2014

"My sister told me about LaRae.  I LOVE her massages because she does deep tissue work.  When I leave, I can move again - wonderful:)"
C.P. Hairstylist  Lindstrom, MN  2014

"I have had a lot of massages from all over the world; LaRae is certainly gifted and one of the best!"
D.B.  self employed 2012

"Since I've been coming, not only do my muscles feel better, I find myself laughing at things that used to set me off.  I LOVE it!"
D.T. public relations  2012

"She is the BEST!"
S.E.  relator appraiser 2012

"It was the BEST massage I ever had!"
K.A.  massage therapist 2011

"I have had more results in this one session than 4 from another therapist I saw."
S.G.  construction worker 2011

"I took 10 seconds off my time after 3 sessions with LaRae."
M.T.  athlete 2011

"She makes my day!"
J.P.  retired 2011